Unknown cause:

the exact cause of most heart defects is still unknown. Although the reason defects occur is presumed to be genetic, only a few genes have been discovered that have been linked to the presence of heart defects. So they’re likely due to a combination of multiple genetic and environmental factors.

Genetic syndrome:

Some people with congenital heart defects have a specific genetic condition that can include other health problems. They may or may not know that they have such a condition. The chance for their child to also have this condition can be as high as 50%.

Single gene:

Rarely, congenital heart defects are caused by changes in a single gene. Often when this is the case more than one person in the family has a heart defect. The chance for another family member to have a heart defect can be as high as 50%.

Environmental exposure:

Heart defects can also be caused by something your mother was exposed to in her pregnancy, such as an infection or a drug. In this case, the chance that your children will have heart defects is no higher than that of the average person.

Please consult your cardiologist to know more about your condition.

consult your cardiologist to know more about your condition.

Types of human brain stroke







The kind of stroke caused by a clot is called an ischemic stroke, and is by far the most common type, accounting for 87 percent of all cases.


A hemorrhagic stroke is the kind where a weakened blood vessel bursts and bleeds into the brain, compressing the surrounding brain tissue. This kind accounts for about 13 percent of stroke cases.

Transient ischemic attack (TIA)

The third kind of stroke, known as mini stroke or transient ischemic attack (TIA), is caused by a temporary clot. This type should more rightly be called a warning stroke because while they may last only a minute or two, they’re a major wake-up call to start making some lifestyle changes and consult your doctor ASAP.

signs of stroke demand immediate attention, even if it seems like the worst possible timing.

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